A mayor married a crocodile …


Nowadays we hear the news of amazing marriages.

Some are marrying dogs while others are marrying themselves. One such amazing wedding took place in Mexico.

The mayor of a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico, has married a crocodile. He also kissed the bride, the crocodile, after the wedding. This amazing wedding photo and video has become a topic of discussion on social media.

Married to a seven-year-old crocodile

According to Reuters, San Pedro Huamelula village mayor Victor Hugo Sosa married a seven-year-old crocodile on Thursday. On the occasion of the wedding, the crocodile was given a white dress and other colorful clothes. The mayor also kissed the crocodile. However, the crocodile’s mouth was tied.

Marriage took place under a centuries-old tradition

Under this tradition, the crocodile is considered as a little princess, the goddess who represents Mother Earth. The mayor’s marriage to the crocodile is seen as a symbol of man’s connection to God.

This tradition of the Chontal and Huawei communities in the state of Oaxaca is hundreds of years old. In this, thanks are given to nature and prayers are made to remain generous in the future as well.

Mayor Victor said of his marriage to the crocodile, “We demand enough rain from nature so that there are enough fish in the river, so that we can get enough food.”

‘It has made me very happy and proud of my land,’ said Elijah Edith Aguilar. Elijah is known to many as Gadamdar, and she is the one who arranged the marriage.

She said, ‘I had the privilege of organizing this event. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to wear to the bride. ‘

‘It’s a very good tradition,’ she said with a smile.

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