Agriculture Minister should resign immediately: Oli


Chairman of the main opposition party CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli has demanded the resignation of Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Mahindra Rai Yadav.

Oli, who is also a former prime minister, cited the example of the agriculture minister resigning after failing to provide fertilizer to farmers in other countries on time.

He also gave strict instructions to the All Nepal Farmers Federation (ANFF), which is close to the party, to agitate against the government forcing them to make immediate arrangements for manure.

Speaking at a program organized by the federation at the party’s central office in Chasal on Saturday, Oli said that the farmers had remained silent while they were not getting fertilizer. He warned that the federation should put pressure on the government in every language related to farmers.

He said, “You don’t get manure, you just sit quietly and put oil on your ears.” The government should not be forced to bring manure. If there is no fertilizer in the world, then the Minister of Agriculture should resign immediately. What did the minister look at? What is the government looking at?

And the main job is to look after the agricultural sector, to become a minister, to eat allowances, to make a minister, to give fertilizer to farmers, to give seeds in time, to give seeds of improved varieties, to modernize agriculture, to increase agricultural production and productivity? Is it to wave the flag? Is Pirka made a minister for salute? No The agriculture minister had to work for the farmers. ‘

Chairman Oli expressed dissatisfaction with the government for importing Rs 49 billion worth of rice in the first year of his tenure. He said it was inappropriate to import rice with great results in a year in an agricultural country, a country with fertile land.

Chairman Oli also questioned the government as to why we have not become self-sufficient in food in a country where more than 60 percent of the population is based on agriculture.

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