Locals are in trouble as the Kamala bridge has been broken for a year


Work has not started even a year after the bridge over the Kamala River under construction under the Postal Highway, which is the backbone of Madhes, was broken.

After the bridge over the Kamala River connecting Siraha and Dhanusha under the Postal Highway broke, the locals have said that they have to spend a lot of time to reach the place.

Arun Yadav, a local of Rajbiraj, says that it takes a lot of time to cross the nearby road through the east-west highway due to the bridge.

“It takes about an hour and a half to reach Janakpurdham from Rajbiraj by postal road,” he said.

On 17 July 2078, during the last phase of construction, a spam of the Kamala river bridge collapsed. In 2068 BS, Pappu Construction was awarded the contract to build a 70 meter long and 11 meter wide Kamala river bridge.

The contract was awarded to Lumbini Wilders Construction on September 20, 2076 BS.

The bridge was washed away in the normal rains of last year while the construction company was doing its final work.

Engineer of Lumbani Builders Company Suryaprakash Sharma said that 99 percent of the construction work of the bridge has been completed in the first week of July, 2078 BS and now only the finishing work is left.

The bridge collapsed two weeks after it was thanked. Most of the roads in Saptari and Siraha have been tarred under the Postal Highway. The residents of the area believed that it would be very easy to move around if the bridge was not washed away.

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