Three arrested for burning girl’s body


Police have arrested three persons including the body of a girl in Parsa.

Police have arrested them while they were burning the body of a girl at Masan Ghat of Dhongi Khola in Bahudarmai Municipality-7.

Among the arrested are locals Kishori, 18, Asha Devi, 40, and Urmila Devi, 50. A 14-year-old girl of Bahudarmai-7 died due to poisoning on Wednesday.

The three were arrested along with their bodies from Masan Ghat while they were conducting a secret funeral without informing the police about the incident.

According to the police, the Parsa District Court has been investigating the case against the three for burning their bodies on a motorcycle.

When the team of Area Police Office Pokhariya reached Masan Ghat, they left the bodies unattended and fled. According to the District Police Office, the burnt body was recovered by the police.

Police have launched further investigation into the incident.

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