Schools in Janakpur will be closed for a month


In Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan city, public holidays will be given to schools within the municipality from July 12.

Chief of the education branch of the sub-metropolis, Mihilal Yadav, informed that it has been decided to close the community schools from July 12 to July 10.

As the health condition of the students has started to be affected due to the extreme heat, the schools have started giving one month annual leave.

Due to the hot weather, the students are now suffering from sores and headaches.

Despite the request to close the institutional schools in the city, the institutional schools will close in their own way, said Yadav, head of the education branch of Janakpurdham Sub-metropolis.

Institutional schools in the city area will be closed from August as per the decision of Pabson, Ann Pabson and Madhesh Pabson.

There are 51 basic and secondary community schools in Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan area.

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