Consensus reached on giving citizenship to Janmasiddha: Rajendra Mahato


Katantrik Samajwadi Party Nepal MP Rajendra Mahato has said that an agreement has been reached on giving citizenship to the children of Janmasiddha.

Giving a brief response to the media persons at the Parliament House in New Baneshwor on Wednesday, he said that the government was ready to give citizenship to the children of Janmasiddha by making a law as per the provisions of the constitution.

He noted that the government had agreed to return the old citizenship bill to parliament and pass a new one.

He said that it was possible to take the new bill to the parliament and pass it. He said, “The agreed issue is to bring a law in accordance with the constitutional provisions regarding the granting of citizenship to the children of Janmasiddha and pass it.”

So return the old one that has a dispute. By bringing another bill, by bringing a consensus bill and passing it, work has been done to solve the problem of the children of born citizens. It is possible. It happens.

He said that Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan had expressed his commitment to bring a new bill on citizenship in the parliament soon.

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